It’s funny about this reference thing, you could say whatever you wanted and put some names to it and no one would be the wiser. Well we have good news for you, these are real students with their actual quotes. You see, we wanted to create a great golf school where everyone left very, very, satisfied. This way, they not only come back, but they bring their friends too.

It’s an incredible marketing plan; DO A WONDERFUL JOB, AND YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE STUDENTS.

Each student fills out an exit questionnaire when they leave and we actually look at them. Whether you are a single digit handicap, or a new golfer – we want all of our students to be 100% satisfied. Check out our testimonials below.

What Our Guests Say:

We have had a great experience working with Patrick Livingston to set up a multi-day, play and stay at Lone Tree Golf & Resort, CO. Patrick made all the arrangements only a few weeks in advance, communicated with the hotel and pro shop during our stay to ensure that everything was running smoothly, and helped us add an extra day with short notice. We were very happy with the staff and pro instruction at Lone Tree. We have already contacted Patrick to help us arrange for another play and stay excursion!
Happy Customers,
Justin & April Cook

Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful golf school experience I had in Sarasota this spring. Golf season has finally begun here in the Chicago area, and I am so pleased with how my season is starting. I hear your voices in my head while I make several of my shots (watch my posture, shorten my backswing, park it in the garage, and pocket to pocket) are only some of these phrases.

Now as your sign says Pat, “extraordinary results”, I don’t know if I’m there yet but I have improved enough that my fellow league players have taken notice. I have much more confidence when I am playing, and can now hit my irons because I am using the same swing as the woods, which I didn’t realize could be done.

You may not have seen the last of me as some of my friends are now interested in attending golf school with me next spring!

Thank you so much for the golf schools outing!!  After arriving home, I played 18 holes of golf on my home course, scoring a personal best (83).   My drives may not have been as long or as straight as i would have liked but i knew what i did wrong, not following through!  The putting , chipping and pitching drills paid off.    My chipping was spot on and i did not 3 putt the entire round with all of my first putts either in the hole or with the 3 foot circle!!!

Thanks again for a great week of golf instruction and fellowship.

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for all you and your team did to make this past week at the golf school absolutely FANTASTIC!!
I have attended golf schools in the past and this program by far outperformed the others. The amount of time on the range, short game and especially the mental aspects that were taught were done professionally and personally. Doug, Mary Ann and yourself were patient, detailed and positive in making sure everyone had levels of personal success during the program. The best part was the on-course instruction every afternoon. This allowed us to take our learnings on to the course under the watchful eyes of the instructors and see the results of what we were working on in our morning sessions. That to me was the most impactful part of the entire week.

Once again, thanks for everything you did for me during this past week. It was a pleasure getting to know you and your team and maybe I’ll see you on the course someday.

I wanted to follow up with feedback on my experience with Doug and the National Golf School. This was my first real series of lessons. I previously took a lesson on chipping from a local pro. I believe it was a reasonably good lesson but, it lacked the time and total training required to improve my golf game. This is not a negative comment on the pro.

I was a little nervous about the upcoming training I was about to start at Rumbling Bald. Doug and his approach to teaching set me immediately at ease. His lessons and guidance are imprinted on my brain. Before Doug’s training I tried unsuccessfully to envision my swing. I had nothing firm to focus my mind because I did not know what I was doing wrong or right. I want you to know Doug’s training was clear, his demonstrations were highly effective and I am thoroughly satisfied. I hope some day to take more lessons with Doug. Besides all that he is a great host. He went out of his way to make all of us comfortable off the course. On the course, Doug would not let us walk away without understanding what we needed to do to correct our golf issues.

Doug, I am getting markedly better at feeling the swing and not throwing the club.

Doug is a fantastic teacher. He had sooo much patience with us (me especially). When Bruce booked our golf school I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t receive the same attention as he would. (Golf being such a mans game.) I was also concerned because I have some medical issues, but Doug was wonderful, patient and spent the needed time focusing on my game.
We felt so comfortable with Doug and not only did he educate us with a strong foundation for every type of shot but we also had a great time while learning!
We wanted to let you know that our golf school vacation experience definitely helped take strokes off our games and as the subject of this email states… We love Doug and feel like we have made a new friend in him.

We had the best time with Johnny. He was so patient and accommodating. We learned so much! The classes were a great help to us and we would recommend them to anyone. Really worth the money.

Thanks Jeff! We had a incredible time at Western Skies. Things are really going well. Heather’s drives are fantastic and my short game is great.

My son and I had a great time at the Legacy Golf Club. Dave was very professional and accommodating, I would highly recommend you school to others.

Hey Johnny, just wanted to Thank You for the excellent instruction last week! I am hitting the ball longer and straighter! You are a miracle worker!

I will absolutely improve with what I learned

Pros answered all my questions in a clear, concise manner and were very encouraging

Would recommend you guys to everyone

Excellent Golf School, a fantastic experience that I would recommend to all levels of golfers

I eliminated 20 strokes off my game the first day. You changed my attitude and gave me a new love for the game.

P.S. 2 weeks later I broke 90 for the first time, Thanks!

I enjoyed the structure of the lessons the most, and liked the small class size

I improved my game 100% and just had a great time

Jim and Pat consistently go above and beyond. It was great fun, enjoyed all of it.

Thanks for your helpful advice and patience, I am sure we will see you again

Thank you guys so much for your super lessons and tips on how to play and enjoy the game the way it should be.

Your positive attitude is indeed infectious

Don’t know why I waited so long. I learned more in two days than I learned in twenty years.

Hi Jeff, Thank you again for a terrific time at Cherry Hills. We learned so much and are excited to practice…with purpose!

Thank You for the excellent instruction you provided me, as well as my father-in-law during our time in Door County!

My Appreciation towards Earl Hines and National Golf School. I just recently finished a 2-day golf session with Earl Hines in Naples, Florida early April, 2011. To say the least, it was nothing short of phenomenal. Mr. Hines has a passion for golf and enthusiasm for being a quality instructor.

I was your average weekend golf warrior and have always talked about wanting to improve my game. I have tried better equipment, I have bought the best golf balls, I have read magazines and have researched. However, I did not realize I needed to go back to the basics in order to improve overall. Mr. Hines knew exactly where to start me and gave me guidance with drills to become a better golfer. I believe his patience and dedication to ensure that I was going to get what I had paid for reflects on his true professionalism.

I sincerely value the Military Appreciation your organization offered me in order to have this opportunity with Mr. Hines. It is organizations and professionals like Mr. Hines that makes me take pride in what I do. I look forward to taking more lessons with Mr. Hines in the future and if you ever find yourself in Arizona, I will set-up a tee time. My best wishes to your organization and the QUALITY instructor, Mr. Earl Hines.

“The way we conduct ourselves on the course is the way we conduct ourselves in our lives and business” and “Watch out for the croc-adillies” – Earl Hines

Best Regards

I would like to express my appreciation for making my 3 day golf school weekend a wonderful experience and success starting with the helpful arrangements by Pat Livingston and the interaction with my golf instructor Doug Bream. From the very start he was easy going, very accommodating, improving on my golf swing in relation to my handicaps and just a pleasurable time together. I hope that other golf school participants have similar experiences.