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The Toughest 3 Holes in Golf

There are hundreds of peoples, golf magazines, and other authors who have their own choices of what are the three hardest holes in Golf! The funny thing is, no can decide which three are the hardest. Sure there are a few that show up on most people’s list such at 17th at TPC Sawgrass, The […]

Golf School or Private Lessons?

  Do I need a golf school or just private lessons? What a great question to ask yourself. I teach both private lessons and I teach for National Golf Schools. Both are good but what does a student really need? Here are my thoughts and recommendations. I will tell you that the average student learns […]

We see it, We feel it, We hear it

Oh NO! Why didn’t I see that!   I believe in God and what a wonderful functioning body he created for us.   Yet there are few things we do not use as often as we should on the golf course and that is our five senses, hearing, touch, sight, smell and taste. If we are playing […]

The Unintentional Career Path

NPGIA Quarter News    By: Joe Blanc, NPGIA Member   My journey to become a certified golf instructor through NPGIA was a unique path to say the least.  This brief article is about that my recent journey down that path.   I was fortunate enough to retire from my first career as an executive with […]

“NOT, another Ball in the Lake!”

This is my third article for the NPGIA and today I want to talk about our students and what I call “Dumping the Brain.”  I ask all of my students at or near the beginning of a teaching session, what do you think about when you are over the ball?   I am amazed at what […]