California Golf Schools

With locations across the USA, National Golf Schools offers the best golf instruction at affordable prices! Learn more about our California locations below:


At National Golf Schools, we believe in practical application. We focus more on on-course instruction with our outstanding PGA and LPGA teaching professionals. This means that at least half of your instructional time is spent on the golf course, learning under the watchful eye of your instructor. Our teaching approach is not designed to teach you “our way” or a “cookie cutter swing.”

Instead, we customize our instruction to work with you on how to maximize your game, matched to your body and your natural tendencies. Our multi-faceted approach of range work is backed up with an on-course playing lesson each afternoon. What’s more, we have never done it any other way. Unlike many other golf schools, we give you a full day of instruction and practice – every day!


National Golf Schools chooses the best resorts and locations in any given state, providing students with amazing environments to relax and focus on their game! In California, we have nine incredible locations. Students looking to book a trip in the Golden State can choose between several options located in: San Diego, Palm Springs, Pomona, Cathedral City, Beaumont, and Long Beach. Our locations also have a range of skill levels to accommodate our students.

Check out our locations map to see some of our incredible California resorts/golf school options!


At National Golf Schools, our prices are 10 – 70% less than other schools. And, with a maximum ration of four students to one teacher, we give you the best in personalized instruction. Take advantage of our amazingly low costs by signing up and booking your trip today!

Flexible Golf School Dates

The when and the where are entirely up to you: You choose your dates with our Trip Builder. Be sure to book your trip today!